Feb. 3 and 4Navigating the Drake Passage


At an information session last night, the expedition leader said to expect a bumpy night and lots of bouncing around today.  And so it was, and so it is.  Twice during the night I almost fell out of bed because the cabin was pitching so wildly.  Today, we’re sailing through 18-foot waves in a gale (8 on the Beaufort Scale).   The spray reached as high as our balcony on the sixth deck, roughly 75 feet above the water line.  Thank you, scopolamine! 

Day 2 of our journey through the Drake Passage, and the seas are much calmer.  When I looked outside, I thought at first that my glasses were fogged up from my mask.  My glasses were clear, however; all the fog is outside, so it seems like we’re plowing through an enormous carton of weak skim milk.  After a mandatory review of the do’s and don’ts of Antarctic travel – such as resisting the urge to pet the penguins and seals – we got fitted for our expedition parkas and boots, and the idea that I’d soon be in Antarctica began to sink in. 


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